Sunday, 20 May 2012

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact FULL PC Instruction

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact 

link: download 

note: link in Russian.

"Скачать Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact PC Final"
means: download!


Friday, 27 April 2012

King of Fighters XIII (PC)

Story: King of Fighters XIII takes place after KOF XI and is the last game of the third story arc that started in The King of Fighters 2003. Ash Crimson has absorbed the powers from two of the descendants of the clans, Chizuru Kagura and Iori Yagami, who sealed the Orochi away 1,800 years ago, while Kyo Kusanagi is to be his last victim. As his former comrade, Elisabeth Blanctorche, prepares to stop him, fighters receive an invitation to another King of Fighters tournament hosted by a person labeled as "R". The tournament is sponsored by Rose who is being controlled by "Those From The Past", the organization behind the two previous tournaments that has been trying to break Orochi's seal.
At the end of the story, Saiki, the leader of "Those From The Past" puts his work into motion. Saiki intends to use the energy expended by the winning team to enable him to cross time. However, as the fight rages, Botan notes that the gate that links them to the past is starting to close. Before Saiki can act, Ash Crimson ambushes him and steals his power. While Ash was enlisted by Saiki to obtain the Three Sacred Treasures to power the time gate, he had no intention of helping Saiki. Suddenly, Ash is overtaken by Saiki's persona, who then attempts to cross the time gate in Ash's body. The winning team pursues him into the time gate and the final battle of KOF XIII begins. Saiki is defeated in the gate but persists on crossing over to the past, believing it means nothing since he can return to the past and cross the gate again to attempt his plan anew. However, Ash stops him and allows the gate to close, leaving Saiki trapped in the present. Ash then reveals that he is a descendant of Saiki. By locking Saiki out of the gate, he denies Saiki's existence in the past and forces his own existence to cease. As Ash vanishes from the living world, the flow of time resumes.